Photo by PA | Ponto Alternativo
Photo by PA | Ponto Alternativo


Jake interviews Jack White for the Bridge School benefit concert, 2012.


"And satisfaction feels like a distant memory."

Track Title: You Really Got Me

Artist: The Kinks

Album: The Ultimate Collection (Disc One)


The Kinks - You Really Got Me


Alex soloed 'Despair in the Departure Lounge' while Andy’s bass was getting sorted out due to technical difficulties.


when jack white is playin one of his songs and he forgets his own words to his own song and he replaces them with gibberish like “washampanikatinakaf!” with so much conviction that you believe those are the actual words.


Utøya: after the massacre

In the aftermath of the Utøya island shooting in Norway in November 2011, Andrea Gjestvang began taking portraits of its young survivors. Her pictures won her the top prize at the Sony World Photography awards

Picture 1: ‘I bear my scars with dignity,’ says 15-year-old Ylva Schwenke, ‘because I got them standing for something I believe in’

Picture 2: Marius Hoft, 18, hid on a ledge to avoid the shooting. His best friend fell and died in front of his eyes

Picture 3: Cecilie Herlovsen, 17, tried to hide at the south end of the island, but Breivik shot her in the right arm, shoulder and chin. The last bullet was stopped by her wisdom tooth, which most likely saved her life

Picture 4: Iselin Rose Borch, 15, now suffers from constant nightmares – she gets comfort from her dogs

Picture 5: Best friends Victoria Froeyd, 18, and Sofie Nilsen, 17, hid together in the school building until the police rescued them

Picture 6: Alexander Sandberg, 16, hid under a sofa in the school building until Breivik was arrested

Picture 7: Ina Libak, 21, hid behind a piano in the island’s café where she was shot in her hands, jaw and chest

Picture 8: Eirin Kristin Kjær, 20, ran to a cave, but was shot in the stomach, arm, knee and armpit while trying to protect her younger friends

Picture 9: Aina Helgheim, 19, says: ‘I like to sit here, because I feel that my dead friends are in the nature that surrounds us’